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Pine Cones and Holly Berries: A Gratitude Post

I can’t believe I’m writing my final post of 2018. I am looking forward to a lovely break with my family filled with quality time, delicious food, and–you guessed it–Broadway! I’ll report back on that later, but I digress.

No matter where you are, the end of the year is always a unique moment. For me and my students, it serves as a moment of reflection. We choose highlights from each month of the year, and focus on growth as well. As a family or a class, this is a great exercise that not onlu encourages reflection and introspection, but language expression and comprehension, critical thinking, and executive functioning skills. From here, we move to goal setting. We set goals for school and home, for behavior towards ourselves and others. My students tell me things like, ” I want to work harder with word problems,” or “I want to beat my record for number of books read in a year,” as well as “I want to be a better friend/child/sibling.”

Well, if those words didn’t get me thinking, nothing could! There’s a lot of change in this particular season, and I think that’s beautiful. I don’t believe in resolutions, and am firm on being able to make any change at any point in the year. I have written down some personal goals and they include professional growth as always, but the one that stands out most is to be where I am.

I am currently sitting on my floor, typing this post, listening to the wind blow outside and the keyboard clicking. I am comfortable in the quiet, and I am here in this moment. I will always give this blog my all and dedicate the time and attention it requires. And while there are *ahem* “a million things I haven’t done,” they can wait. I’ll get there. It doesn’t all have to happen right now. Right now, I get to connect to you through my writing, and I can’t think of anything more important.

In this winter season, I challenge you to make some goals for yourself. They don’t have to be about change, and they don’t have to be big–they need only matter to you.

Keep playing with words and see what your message creates!
–Stef the StageSLP

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