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Celebrate You to Elevate You: Takeaways From BroadwayCon 2018

4C65AD15-D004-47EC-86FB-7C7D90F9E02F.jpegWhen I attended BroadwayCon 2017, I had no idea what to expect. I enjoyed every minute of it. I met people I’d listened to and watched, gotten photographs and autographs with them, and even took classes with them. I walked out with the theme of “create what you want to create.”

This year, I got to do all of those wonderful things a second time, but I found something better than that this year. I found real connectivity. I spent time with people whom I’ve met throughout the year and over a myriad of circumstances. All of this is very well documented, but the best moments of my time weren’t. I met my friends and made new ones in theirs. I made new connections over projects I find exciting. I shared what I love with my best friend who accompanied me. I was present.

One of the highlights of my time was getting to see so many people and thank them for their support, contributions, and time spent towards interviews, edits, and scheduling for this blog. I will never have enough words to express my gratitude to ANY of these wonderful people.

This year’s convention had a different theme, or at least I found a new takeaway. This year, I came away with the following:

“You are capable of accomplishing whatever it is you’re setting out to exactly as the person you are. You don’t have to wait or change yourself. You don’t have to be well-known. Just be you, and share what you have with this world, since no one else can.”

Wait, really? This is something I personally struggle with and know my students do, too. Hearing it so many times this weekend stuck with me. From Christy Altomare at the stage door, to the cast of In The Heights, to all of the podcasters I love and admire, to Lesli Margherita at Sunday Church—yes, this really happened , and I am a convert now—this message was spread all across the convention. All I had to do was walk around and see people who, simply because it is who they are, succeed in what they wanted to succeed in. By being true to themselves. And I found this so extremely empowering.

Am I going to run away to Broadway because I love it? No, because I adore my students. It is my path in life to be a Broadway-loving speech pathologist. To get creative and bring what I love in both of these worlds together, for the enjoyment of my students and myself. But hearing over the course of the weekend that it’s okay to want and do both? That I don’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) put in a box and neither do my students was very eye opening. Again, this wasn’t new information exactly, but I saw it everywhere I looked this weekend.

As exhausted as I am from a very full, very gratifying BroadwayCon, I get to bring all I learned to the speech room. I get to approach the year with this theme, along with stories of my weekend.

I don’t have a challenge for you in this bonus post, but I pass on the encouragement to be you. The world only gets one of you—share with the world the best you you can be, whatever that means to you. And I am going to try and remember to always do the same.

Keep playing with words and see what your message creates!

—Stef the StageSLP

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