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Amen for NYC: My Vacation and Review

Two weeks ago, I splurged on my birthday and went on a complete Broadway binge. I spent the whole weekend spoiling myself and enjoying Broadway shows. I thought I’d share my thoughts on what I saw with all of you!

Bandstand: A New American Musical

This show was beautiful in every sense. Andy Blankenbeuhler has outdone himself. Every single step of choreography has purpose and intention and really illustrated the experiences of our veterans while simultaneously showcasing the joy of this particular story. Corey Cott was unbelievable and I had the fortune of seeing Jessica Lea Patty as Julia. I love seeing alternates and understudies, since you get to see a different take on a role and a different instrument make a role their own. I can’t even begin to describe my love for the band who play their own instruments onstage. They were simply incredible and I can’t get over that. I love music and music theory, but I’m not at all musically inclined myself. This show, this show, this show! If you can, please go see this show.


Yes, I saw it a second time. It was even better than the first time, which I didn’t know was possible. I am still OBSESSED with the projection design, and since I wasn’t by myself, I got to hear other people obsess over it with me. I noticed details throughout the show I didn’t see before–Hello, Once Upon A December!–and got to relive all that I loved the first time and after listening to the album on repeat.I have already talked about how much I love this show in a previous post, so suffice it to say, I cannot recommend this show enough. The magic in that theatre cannot be adequately put into words.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Christian Borle should really get more recognition for his comedic prowess. His jokes all land and his physical comedy is so much fun to watch! I loved the concept that the only child actor was Charlie, and Jake Ryan Flynn was wonderful. You know you’re in for a treat from lining up outside the theatre, which is BEAUTIFUL. It’s a beautiful merging of the known works–both movies and the book–and the work of the creative team. It is a world of pure imagination for sure for kids and adults alike.

After a decade since having been, I also went back to Serendipity 3. It was a very hot and humid weekend, and there’s no better way to cool down than ice cream! Their Salted Caramel Frozen Hot Chocolate is amazing, not to mention the perfect birthday treat. The trip also included many trips to Junior’s because they’re open late after the theatre and other mom and pop places around the city.

This rounds my show count out to an even 78 shows, without including repeat viewings. I hope my reviews were helpful, and I hope you enjoyed reading them. My challenge to you for the week is to find a way to get someone you know who may not be theatre-minded to try it in some way. You can listen to your favorite cast recording, make up a skit, see a local production, but try and see things from their perspective and be open. Both parties will likely learn from this experience.

Keep playing with words and see what your message creates!

–Stef the StageSLP

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