Give My Regards To Broadway

It’s spring break this week in my district so I though I’d share some of my theatrical adventures that took place over the weekend. Some argue that a trip with this much running around that it wasn’t truly a vacation, but nothing recharges my spirit like the theatre.

Over the course of three days, I was fortunate enough to see four shows. I saw Groundhog Day, Anastasia, Hello, Dolly!, and War Paint. Holy star power, Batman! I went from crying laughing at the wit and comedy in Groundhog Day to shocked by the beauty of the magical and spectacular production that is Anastasia (seriously, I could’ve just stared at that set and been happy), to watching Bette Midler, Patti LuPone, and Christine Ebersole in complete amazement. This was a weekend I’d never forget.

Now, why is ANY of this important and why am I telling you? I learned so much from every show I saw, and I’m going to find ways to get the messages across in my speech room.

In Groundhog Day, I took away that I have one life, just one, to live to the best of my ability. That every day, no matter how ordinary or remarkable, is not promised. I’d do well to remember this and approach every day from this mindset. I personally feel it would leave me a better person.

Anastasia taught me to stand up for what I believe in. Now, I’ve learned as a school based speech pathologist that not many people in the building understand my job, why I make certain therapeutic choices, my process, my paperwork, etc. I watched a strong young woman go after the life she believed to be hers, no matter the cost. Professionally, standing up for what I know to be right but also to question what I don’t understand is a strength of mine. If I can teach my students to stand up for what they believe in in any aspect of their lives, I will have done my job well.

Hello, Dolly! was a force of nature. The Divine Miss M did not disappoint. Here, I took away self-reliance and follow through. I believe these are two values that serve all people well. In my personal experience, this how I know I can accomplish whatever paperwork, assessment, meeting, etc., that comes my way. And guess what? Everything always gets done on time.

War Paint had me leaving the theatre thinking about collaboration. This show follows Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein in their heyday, and of course, their rivalry in the cosmetics industry. The women never met, yet both ran empires of their own. I spent the whole show wondering what could’ve happened to the cosmetics industry had they stopped competing and collaborated. They could’ve owned and run a billion dollar industry, and be quite the dynamic duo to do so. Women in the 1930s and 40s with such a level of wealth and power were unheard of. Imagine if they joined forces. I cannot  wait to teach my students the power of sharing each other’s strengths when working together instead of trying to best each other for a higher mark or praise.

This trip was a memorable one for sure, and when I figure out how to share these lessons in the speech room, I’ll share that with you, too! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.

Keep playing with words and see what your message creates!
–Stef the StageSLP

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